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Coming Out (Of the Pantry)


I’m just going to say it. I  have always found people with food intolerances and allergies (especially more than one) to be…how should I say it mildly…..really f**@ annoying. Maybe because I perceive them as weak.  Like, if a glass of milk can take you down, what else is going to make you crumble? And I can’t handle that. It makes me uneasy.

But perhaps I judged too harshly. I am human.

Besides, those with real allergies are not the same as those truly annoying people who avoid foods just to be trendy, to follow the latest food fashion craze…(or to lose weight, prevent cancer, blah blah blah).

And I don’t want to be one of those people because the fact is I love food, in all shapes and sizes, and I would never dream of judging innocent plates of food the way I judge other people, who deserve it.

I have a serious relationship with food. And that’s why, even though it’s going to hurt, and even if I feel a little bit ashamed….I have to come out.

the cheese, oil, and pickles shall remain, but the "saison" for ale is over now.

I can’t eat gluten anymore. I can’t eat wheat, wheat products, rye, barley, barley malt, spelt, kamut, and probably not oats either. This means I must avoid pastas, bread, cereals, beer, (INSERT FROWN AND A TEAR HERE) and packaged foods that may possibly have gluten hidden away. And to make matters worse, ALL grains, for the most part, need to be avoided – at least for a while.

So what does this mean to you? Nothing. That’s why I’m letting it be known here on my blog, which is a food blog and a food blog it shall remain. I’m not going to turn all hyper-sensitive and only post recipes about gluten free. There’s already a blog for that, a very good one, and she does a terrific job.

I’m still me, is what I’m trying to say, despite my intestinal preferences.  I am not going to stop posting recipes for tarts, for example, but from now on I will also include a gluten-free version too, or provide a link to one. Because I know there are more of you like me, too afraid to face the issue, or too afraid to face yourselves. 

So, now I have shared this part of myself with all of you. And I hope it won’t change the way you feel about me. I hope it only changes the contents of my pantry. My new wheat-free pantry, which I have cleared, and now I have come out of it, no worse for the wear.  And unfortunately, so have my Belgian ales.

But it’s not all bad news. When it comes to Burgundy and Bordeaux…I swing both ways.

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  1. Desiree permalink
    04/03/2011 00:25

    Did n’t know you ve become gluten allergic know many who have this health orbm .loved your blog I have a true allergy to seafoods crayfish anything crustaceous never had as a child but ut happened ine night I almost died then saw those angel was just pregnant with youngest trued once again just sone tasting if a lobster sauce
    Not a fshiin thing a serious body allergy out tge blue if your body decides to reject certain products what can you do except listen to your body
    Now since I got the cancer I ve dine a lot if reading about certain products which help tge treatment of cancer and I’m fighting it well as you saw at market so I keep on this new way if life and it’s giving my body a chance to fight tge disease a lot if mental work has had to be fine with thus cest la vie keep writing it’s great stuff love Desiree

  2. 04/03/2011 00:26

    Keep swinging between the Burgundy and the Bordeaux🙂

  3. Renee King permalink
    04/03/2011 01:41

    Oh I feel your pain! I too am gluten intolerant and it sucks! But you adapt and find that there are still many good foods to be enjoyed. And most days feeling well makes it worthwhile.

  4. Joëlle Laffitte permalink*
    04/03/2011 10:20

    Yes, there are many good foods to be had, and so far gluten-free isn’t that bad. Since quiting gluten, I do feel much more energetic and clear-headed.
    It is definitely worth it! What’s more, since there is no gluten in our home, my husband’s eczema cleared up….very interesting.

    Erling, I will always have equal love in my heart for both Bordeaux and Burgundy🙂

  5. 18/03/2011 00:30

    Knowing how much you love food, I’m sure this is a crushing blow! I’m so sorry! Can one even make biscuits with rice flour?

    • Joëlle Laffitte permalink*
      18/03/2011 10:51

      I actually don’t feel too troubled by it…fortunately I had already cut down on grains in general so it wasn’t devastating..I’m more of a roasted chicken and vegetables kind of girl🙂
      Biscuits? Like the fluffy American kind or the crispy British kind Americans call cookies? I like both (but haven’t had the American version in many years) but there are many ways to make those kind of things using flours like chestnut, quinoa, arrowroot, and perhaps rice though I have never experimented with rice flour in baking.

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