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Galettes aux Haricots Noirs



Because I love black beans so much, I often have leftovers from a large batch I’ve made for dinner the night before. Sometimes I put the beans inside a buckwheat crepe for a “faux” burrito that is naturaly gluten-free, but my favorite thing to do with a spicy batch of harictos noirs is combine them with mashed sweet potato and make galettes – delicious and very healthy black bean and sweet potato cakes.

These are pretty straightforward. You need dry beans beans that have been soaked overnight then cooked and seasoned, which is why it makes sense to make these with leftover beans that you already have on hand. They can be flattened down as I do to eat like  pancakes, or you can leave them thicker to make a vegetarian burger patty if you are so inclined.

For 2 servings

2 cups of black beans, cooked and seasoned to taste (cumin, curry, and cinnamon are amazing  in black beans)

1 small onion

1/2 large sweet potato, boiled and cut into pieces or mashed

1 clove garlic

2 soup spoons of ground sunflower seeds (flax can be substituted, but it is highly perishable so I avoid heating it)

(note: I don’t like breadcrumbs, but if you plan on eating these as a burger patty, you may want to add some)

I usually put the onion and garlic in a chopper, then mash the beans and sweet potato with a fork before I blend all the ingredients together by hand. But if you have a food processor or a blender, even better. Then simply form into patties and gently pan fry with a spoonful of olive oil, or even bake them. If making into pancakes, just use the spatula to flatten a little. Lunch (or breakfast) is served!

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  1. 04/05/2011 22:39

    so funny to see that although on opposite sides of the ocean we are often on the same page. I made scrumptious black bean burgers last week for dinner, topped with smoked gouda and paired with a smoky porter. seriously delish! my parents just returned from a vacation in Paris and Rennes where they have old friends. they traveled up the coast of Brittany, ate oysters, went sea kayaking, and took many photos. they were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary! I am aching to be back in Europe soon.

    • Joëlle Laffitte permalink*
      05/05/2011 14:00

      Those burgers sound amazing!!! And my husband would love that, especially with the porter which we don’t really have in France and which doesn’t go well with my gluten intolerance but…next time we are in the States that sounds like a good splurge🙂

      Sounds like a perfect anniversary. I hope you can make it over here one day soon!

  2. justapinchofsalt permalink
    25/12/2011 15:17

    Merry Christmas!! Where have you gone?

    • Joëlle Laffitte permalink*
      10/01/2012 18:38

      Hi I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you…thank you for your message. I don’t keep the blog anymore, for a variety of reasons but mostly because of lack of motivation and time. I also stopped enjoying cooking for a while because of a series of food allergy problems that continue to plague me…but maybe one day I’ll blog again, who knows. A new blog would probably be in order. Now I’m writing a script I have to finish asap and I am returning to the states for a year in March. I will be in NYC and Portland, Oregon. Ever been to Portland? keep up your blog, it is great! And I do still read it btw, just always in a hurry:/

      • 29/03/2013 05:41

        Hi Joelle, I was going through some websites that I had saved as favorites over the years and I came across yours. I somehow never saw your reply above. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve stopped enjoying cooking. I hope you’ve found a way to incorporate it back into your life, through your writing it seemed like it brought you such joy. I’m not sure what kind of allergies you have, but I really enjoy ohsheglows — a gluten free, vegan, and sometimes raw blog. Check it out, maybe you’ll be inspired! Are you still working in the states? Heading back to France? Where is your next adventure taking you? I’m back in SC and selling wine, beer & spirits. I live with my boyfriend who I met working in a restaurant, and we’re hoping to visit Europe this Fall. I barely have the time or motivation to blog anymore either, but I do still cook all the time. Maybe a little less, since my boyfriend is a chef. I’ve started writing again for the Olive Oil Times. I’m going to NYC in April to cover a story for them. It feels good to be putting pen to paper again. I’d like to hear about this script you were working on… I take it you write a lot.

        Well, I’m not sure if this note will reach you. I hope you’re well and enjoying life. If you’re still in Portland, I’ve heard it’s an awesome city. Take care,


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